Managing Time under Collision Course

Evolution, bio informatics, astro physics, anthropology, civilization, ethnicity, religion, territory, politics, education, health and fitness are all critical as we are on the Universal Collision Course ,the astrophysical might.
  • The national geographic channel showed the universe as a wholly and essentially intra collision set up.The very devastation caters for the making of new galaxies with new constituents!The Discovery channel ,in their Stephen Hawking Special program too uphold the same discovery. After watching the nat geo programme on 08, jan 2011, I felt the urgency to put this down :
  • Before we get wiped out from the earth we need to exercise the will to redeem our intellectual commitments; we can’t wait any more in redressing the menace of ethnicity , religion and territory blocking us from achieving enlightenment by the way we languish at the feet of demo(n)crats , the evil designers of politics.
  • The primary remedy is to reconstitute our education and health care systems, uniformly, globally. We may launch every other project for the cause of human enlightenment from the platform we so set to overcome the quakes the existing rots, namely bias on account of ethnicity,religion and territory, may impart over the Creator’s cause we may commit ourselves to.
  • Schools and hospitals around the world should be managed under a single constitution
  • Financing the system should be from the common fund raised out of allzones around the globe
  • Science ,technology and medicine may be studied through English (provided it is modified for acceptability by speakers of other languages and adapted to the minimum requirement of just the subjects the modified version deals with.Traditional glory and literary style can be replaced by technical syntax and general understanding. Verbosity and ambiguity must go.There is no harm in renaming the modified language – some thing like ‘teclan’ to stress on the purpose rather than the identity)
  • Literature,Humanities and all other disciplines should be excluded from the above system.
  • The concept of the new system should manage the time , money and resources for the excluded disciplines provided any single discipline be made available under a single administrative unit under the system
  • The need for the restructuring can be understood and agreed upon just by considering the disparity and decay in the prevailing hyper institutionalization and polarization of intellectual potentials along commercial and exploitative lines devised through differential politics and differential policy across different nations, economic lobbies and power centers.
  • The rivalry among the power centers (of sorts ) has deteriorated to such a level that the products out of the mean systems of education and health care are unmindful of taking up the challenges of ecology , environment and peace with a global perspective.
  • At the same time I am tooskeptical about realizing this vision in this world , where leading nations like the U.S and the U.K are unwilling to commit to the cause of making healthy drinking water available by right to every human on earth.

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