Guys and gals ,Please tender your in-skull stuff for refreshment
.’Cause you need to think differently to realize world truly;to make it a better place to live in.It’s all about DOing  that

which brings you satisfaction

and good will.

At home ,if you find your parents and siblings hinder

your thoughts by trying to dominate your natural potential;

don’t loose cool but resolve to clear your ways

amicably with keener sense of your goals.

Open discussion with family and friends can minimize problems.

Tender ages tend to follow the likes and elude dislikes.

Both ways can mislead you away from your unique purpose.

Rather than holding a second person as model ,try to become a model yourself

that can impart a positive will around the community.

The world is full of disharmony and unrest.

Our forerunners led us off track by the way they set models for us

in the fields of economy , politics , faith and culture.

Now we got to review and remodel the set up.

So refresh your mind set now

to accommodate new ideology and philosophy

to redeem the creator’s cause and fulfill your own

cherishable  life style in tune with Mother Nature

and global peace.


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