Though our endeavour is to redeem Bharat (India) of her political and imparted rots, we need to take stock of what the “Jewish Canvas” has managed in masterminding our national dislocation.

J C is an odd percent U.S citizens’ crime syndicate responsible for the global manipulation of international human societies through pseudo democracy,which in reality is demoNcraZy.

J C is active from late 19th century and on prawl into the 21st as well !

Their prime tool of evil design is disinformation,which they deploy to  distort,deviate,divide, dismantle and dominate the rest of the world.

The lusty (of oil) alliance of NATO have tarnished themselves time and again through their nasty indulgence with oil treasureys around the world.

Every ethnic polarity,territorial feud and religious brain block has invariably been exploited by the manipulator central, J C inc.

The menacing clutches of J C upon not only the Indian administration but the legal system also is evident in the style in which the S C intervened in Bhopal Gas Crime of Anderson maphia.

Slavery must end. Fear of Nuke disaster must not suppress Bharathiya any more.

Matters regarding the subject have been amply discussed over the internet and I welcome all to the fora linked below.

Participation just empowers: and for the positive cause, that becomes our responsibility.

Before elaborating further ,I may wish to hear from every one of you ,awakened Bharathiya.

Check me out !


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